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Our partnerships  with management recruiting specialists offer essential benefits towards success in M&A, by ensuring rapid access to functional and sector management specialists in Germany and beyond.

We help you with selecting executives, non-executive board members, interim managers and MBI candidates for all type of situations in the context of an M&A deal, from preparing an exit to post deal value creation.

Our senior partners provide answers to the 3 main questions in management providing for M&A:

Is the Management Team fit for the challenges ahead?

Is the management team intact under the magnifying glass of the investor, functionally and sector wise? Which are the critical gaps in the management? What time does it take to recruit new managers? How can recruiting risks, such as misalignment or inadequate leadership skills, be reduced? Are we fit for cross-border recruiting?

Can we mobilize management resources in time?

How do we reduce the risks of the business plan going “off piste”? How do we source senior management sector expertise for a meaningful Commercial Due Diligence? How can we accelerate Management change and filling critical gaps in time? Do we have the operational management resources in place for the challenges of the First 100 Days?

How do investors interact with the management team?

Which advisory, steering and/or control functions determine the success of the investment? Do we need additional resources, such as operational partners or non-executive Chairmen or Directors? What is the best management solution for one-off projects, such as the preparation for Exit or Restructuring, leaving the management team to focus on Operations?

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