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In the Internet, Software and Technology (IST) industries, the landscape is constantly being reshaped by the rapid flow of innovation and the expanding horizons of globalisation. At S&P Mergers and Acquisitions, we are the guardians of insight and strategic growth, making an unobtrusive yet profound impact through our advisory services. We provide strategic insight that drives the IST sector forward.

Your S&P Team

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Dr. Thomas Rosendahl

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Dr. Peter Steinhoff

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Dr. Axel Steuernagel

Please contact our Industry Group Team Lead Dr. Axel Steuernagel at a.steuernagel@s-and-p.de

Industries with relevant experiences

  • Academic Media
  • B2B SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • Book Publishing
  • Data Centres
  • Digital Twins
  • E-Commerce
  • Fintech – Online Payment Provider
  • Internet Agencies
  • Internet Marketplace
  • Internet Portal
  • IoT Hardware & Software
  • IT Services
  • Professional Publishing
  • Software
  • Telecom Hardware & Software
  • Telecom Operations

Selected Deals and projects

  • International add-on acquisitions – Academic & Professional Media
  • Sale of B2B SaaS company to PE – E-Commerce, Fintech
  • Commercial Due Diligence & 100-day plan – B2B SaaS company
  • Sale of a family company to a corporate – Data Centers
  • Acquisition of a carved-out company by a corporate – E-Commerce
  • Sale of a carved-out company to a strategic investor – E-Commerce
  • Restructuring & sale to an international investor – Internet Agency
  • Sale of a carve-out to a strategic investor – Internet Portal
  • Sale of a PE-backed company to a strategic investor – Marketplace
  • Sale of a family company to an international corporate – Software
  • Management buy-in – IT Services
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