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The automotive and mobility industry faces highly disruptive challenges through electrification, industry 4.0  and automated driving. New competitors enter into highly consolidated industries. Suppliers need to reinvent themselves as their legacy products will be replaced by systems for which the required know-how needs to be developed or acquired. Development for automated driving is very costly and adoption remains unclear. To stay in the driver seat, know-how and capability acquisitions and cross-industry cooperations will play a pivotal role. Our transaction know-how makes S&P your ideal partner for transformation.

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Christian Mertens

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Christian Staby

Please contact our Industry Group Team Lead Christian Staby at c.staby@s-and-p.de

Industries with relevant experiences

  • Automotive systems supply
  • Bus and heavy duty systems supply
  • Rail systems
  • Car dealerships
  • Urban mobility
  • Shared mobility
  • Condition based monitoring and maintenance
  • Sensors and actuators

Selected Deals and projects

  • Acquisition of Truck telematics systems in the EU
  • Acquisition of full ownership of wheel-end brake systems in the US
  • Acquisition of in telematics, rail remote diagnostics provider for rail in Benelux
  • Acquisition of heavy duty steering systems providers in Germany, Japan and in the US
  • Acquisition of a condition based maintenance provider for trucks and busses and retrofitted components for the truck aftermarket
  • Sale of rail simulator business in Australia
  • Acquisition of automated transmission systems for trucks and busses in Japan
  • Acquisition of a systems supplier for EGR and other engine brake components in the UK
  • Investment in rail obstacle detection in Israel
  • Minority share acquisition of software for automated driving for trucks in Sweden
  • Acquisition of two companies for exhaust gas emission treatment and reduction systems followed by a merger across EU and non-EU borders in Germany and Switzerland
  • Know-how acquisition (Asset Deal) of rail friction material in Germany and UK
  • Acquisition of largest independent Train Control Management Systems (TCMS) provider in Switzerland
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