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April 22, 2024

Dr. Thomas Rosendahl

Dr Thomas Rosendahl has over 25 years of leadership experience in marketing, digital innovation and technology. His strategic insights into digital transformation have been honed in European and American markets, establishing him as a critical asset for clients navigating the rapidly evolving digital economy.

His distinguished career includes a significant tenure as Chief Marketing Officer at cleverbridge AG, where he led the company to a substantial private equity exit. Earlier positions at Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile USA, as well as an early role at Gildemeister AG, have given him a deep understanding of industry dynamics and strategic expertise.

With a doctoral degree in business administration, Thomas’ academic qualifications complement his practical knowledge. In addition, his command of several languages, including German, English, Swedish and Ukrainian, supports his international engagements.

Based in Düsseldorf and leading the Internet, Software & Technology group, Thomas is a trusted advisor to clients involved in mergers and acquisitions. His approach is comprehensive, culturally sensitive and finely tuned to market fluctuations.

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